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FUJIFILM Photokina 2018

FUJIFILM Photokina 2018

FUJIFILM Photokina 2018

FUJIFILM Photokina 2018

FUJIFILM Photokina 2018

FUJIFILM Photokina 2018

Fujifilm was pleased to be part of Photokina 2018, held from 26 to 29 September in Cologne, Germany. We presented the entire world of photographic paper in different areas, and various collaborations, activities and an exclusive launch made this year’s fair very special to us.

Launch of the new Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Paper – Maxima

What better stage on which to introduce our newest, ultimate professional photo paper, Maxima?

At the Fujifilm booth, visitors had the chance to experience printouts on the stateof-the-art photo paper. In a collaboration with Electronic Imaging, photos made using their new camera XT-3 were printed on Maxima paper in breathtaking large formats.

A consumer area with a focus on photo paper

Our consumer area was a popular meeting point; consumers and photographers were excited about the possibilities for creating their new albums using our photo paper line-up. We also provided customers with a sample box containing all of our photographic papers, to give these a place in the spotlight in their daily life.

Wonder Plaza – a collaboration to create synergy

Wonder Plaza is a collaboration of various Fujifilm departments to create synergy and share knowledge and ideas. We cooperated with 3D Matrix as well as several other teams, including Colour Paper, Instax, Wall Decoration, Square, Wonder Photo Shop, Mobile and On-Site Printing. All of the teams showcased their work in Wonder Plaza: we presented our newest photo paper, Maxima, along with completely new image videos, professional photo albums and a cube showing the diversity of our professional paper line-up. The Wonder Plaza area offered a great opportunity for Fujifilm to showcase the diversity of our products and innovation.

Inspire Printing

After inviting entries for the exhibition on the theme ‘Inspire Printing – Every photo is worth printing’, the Fujifilm Inspire Printing team received a total of 15,780 submissions from consumers. Some 10,300 were displayed at the Fujifilm booth, all printed on original photo paper.

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