ECR2018 will be the showroom for the new FUJIFILM extended product line-up: FCT Speedia HD Computed Tomography unit will take its place of honour in a booth also featuring the state-of-the-art mammography system Amulet Innovality and a whole set of renewed Digital Radiography solutions, for room installation and mobile usage.

  • FCT Speedia and FCT Speedia HD represent the finalization of FUJIFILM’s maturation process in the medical systems field: the wide market vision and the unceasing efforts to provide a comprehensive solution to the customers have brought to the implementation of CT technology aside of the well-known room and mobile digital solutions. 64-slices system will be shown at the booth, together with an empowered CT viewer that embeds Synapse 3D reconstruction modules, pride and flagship of FUJIFILM Medical Informatics portfolio.
  • AMULET Innovality is FUJIFILM’s flagship in digital mammography solutions. Images resulting from its innovative approach to tomosynthesis clinical application – two different acquisition modes, to better fulfil breast screening and diagnostic mammography needs – with unsurpassed 50 micron pixel images, will be shown at the booth together with a revised face guard (WIP) designed to improve patient comfort during tomosynthesis exposures. It will be also possible to appreciate 2D and DBT images resulting from FUJIFILM’s iterative reconstruction (ISR), S-View synthesized 2D samples and Energy Subtraction processing in CEDM examinations.
  • Bellus II digital mammography workstation is the new, empowered tool for FFDM and DBT image management. It features advanced functions for image visualization and processing and a reporting utility designed to support mammography interpretation workflow.
  • FDR Smart X is the name of FUJIFILM’s flexible and modular room solution for digital radiography. Available in ceiling-suspended or floor-mounted versions, it has been designed to complement FDR D-EVO II digital panel in all its clinical applications.
  • FDR D-EVO GL is the first 43x125cm digital panel ever appeared for long view exposures, featuring an acquisition area that allows single-shot exposures of the whole spine and of the inferior limbs: image quality and dose reduction are guaranteed by ISS technology and FUJIFILM’s Virtual Grid software for scattering radiation detection and suppression.
  • FDR Go PLUS* will make its first appearance at ECR2018. FUJIFILM has introduced the new and improved mobile X-ray equipment to surpass the performance of its successor, which so much success and positive feedback has collected during the last years. Better manoeuvrability and ergonomics are provided thanks to a new and compact design; improved image quality comes from Dynamic Visualization II and Virtual Grid advanced processing.
  • FDR nano strikes again. By FUJIFILM booth it will be possible to test the lightweight and compact mobile X-ray that has already impressed with its manoeuvrability and easiness of use. Its revolutionary design and sensational image quality are the base of the success of this small and smart system, capable to combine efficiency and performance to a formerly unknown extent.

Experts and product specialists are available for product and images demonstration.

Fujifilm Healthcare @ECR 2018, Vienna March 1/4, Expo X5, Booth #503.

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